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What are the Best Cleaning Rags?

There are so many kinds of rags to choose from. Terry cloth, microfiber, polyester, huck, loose weave, tight weave, the list goes on and on. Finding the right rag can be a challenge. I wish I could just tell you the best rag for cleaning is X. But I can’t. It all depends on what you are cleaning. The rag needed to wipe down a satellite will be entirely different than one used to clean a robot used in a manufacturing.

The Questions Begin

The first question we’ll ask you is “What are you doing with your rags now?” We need to know what you are cleaning, and what you want to remove with the rag. Some fabrics, polyester for example, make a good low lint rag but they aren’t good for soaking up moisture. Other rags like cotton terry cloths are great for general cleaning and scrubbing, but they can be a bit linty. Read our article “Do Lint Free Rags Exist?” to learn more about the elusive lint free rag.

Once we know your application, we’ll want to know if you need a rag that can be laundered or tossed after use. Again, two different types of rags. A cleanroom will normally want a single use wiper whereas a cleaning company might want rags that can be laundered. We might even be able to help save you some money by using a cleaning rag that is very inexpensive and good at what it does…once. You might be able to buy clean, fresh rags for less than it costs to launder them.

The Answer

The answer to the Best Cleaning Rag question? The best cleaning rag is the one that meets all your needs at a cost that makes you happy. (I know. Duh.)

But it can be hard to find. Don’t guess at which rag you think might be the best for your business. At RagLady, we’ve been doing this for a very long time and have run across all kinds of needs and applications. Talk to us. Ask for samples. We’ll help you figure out the best rags for your business. When you’re rag happy, so are we!

Best Cleaning Rags