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What Does Lint Free Really Mean? Do Lint Free Rags Exist?

We all hate lint. Yuck! But there are varying degrees of lint. Those two pieces of lint on your glassware aren't acceptable in a cleanroom environment. 

Let's get one thing out of the way right away.

Lint Free Cotton Doesn't Exist!

Cotton is made up of little fibers wound together. These little fibers separate from each other and deposit themselves on your glassware. If you use a cotton towel, you are going to have lint.

Period. End of discussion. 

Okay, not really. 

When it comes to cotton, a tighter weave means less lint. Think kitchen dish towel (less lint) versus terry towel (way more lint). However a tighter weave also means less softness. With cotton, the softer the item the more lint you get. There does come a point with used cotton items where it's kinda soft and doesn't have a lot of lint. The sweetspot. We love the sweetspot! But then it passes and the cloth becomes a lint factory. It might be soft but with that softness comes more lint as age causes the little fibers to separate. 

If you want low lint cotton think tight weaveTerry towels are not low lint! 

If You Really Don't Want Lint... Read This...

If your tolerance for lint is really, really low - forget about cotton. For everyday use, microfiber cloths are hard to beat as lint free rags. They are durable and pick up lint like a magnet. The next step up are the super low lint critical cleaning wipers and finally the best of the best, ISO rated Cleanroom wipers.

Class is adjourned.

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