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Color Turkish Towel Rags - 87 Anti-Slip 10lb Bags at
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Samples Available
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Color Turkish Towel Rags - 87 Anti-Slip 10lb Bags

Sold By: Pallet

Item: SKID45C-10-87
2610 Rag Pallets
Price: $2,385.95
Best Rags Sale: $2,385.95
Bulk Rags: $2,385.95
  • New Color Cotton Turkish Towels
  • Irregular New Material
  • Random Sizes - About 16" x 27"
  • Vary in size
  • 10lbs per Anti-Slip Bag
  • About 20 Rags per Bag
  • Stitched on All Sides
  • 87 Bags per Pallet (48x42x50)

If you spend all day working up high (what are you some sort of crazy daredevil?) these Turkish Towel Rags could make a good rag companion while you cling to that building! These are the preferred towels for roofing contractors and utility companies.

They're 100% cotton, irregular new material and stitched on all sides.

Oh, and please be careful out there - Mmkay?

No residential deliveries. You'll need a way to get a 800+ lb. pallet off a truck/semi that doesn't have a lift gate.

Have you weighed the bags of rags you've received from other rag companies? We've heard from new RagLady customers that bagged rags from other companies don't always weigh what they should. Feel free to weigh our bags! We guarantee they'll be the right weight, at a minimum.

Box vs Bags
Buying rags by the pallet saves money and space. We compress the rags in a bag so they take less space than they do in a box. Also you aren't paying for boxes which means you get more rags for less money. This really is a no brainer!!

I almost forgot to mention, we use anti-slip bags so they stay in place on a pallet, no sliding off. We think of everything! Well almost everything...if only I would have remembered to put on deodorant this morning my coworkers would be a lot happier.

More Crap You Should Know

These new towels are linty when you first receive due to the manufacturing process.  Loose fibers are generated when the new towels are cut and sewn into hand size pieces.  Preferred towels for roofing contractors and utility companies. Heavy duty, thick nap towels with large loops cut into grease and grime. Stitched on all sides. 

  • Wash and dry new towels BEFORE first use to make them more absorbent. Keep in mind that colored towels, because of chemical penetration into the fiber, are less absorbent than white towels. Towels will become more absorbent with each washing. Towels get better with age!
  • Put all terry type towels in a dryer before their first use! Nothing will "bang" more lint out of the towels than a few good spin cycles in the dryer.


  • General Maintenance
  • Roofing
  • Utility Companies

Made in United States

We Ship to Canada

Yes we ship to Canada. The Canada price you see includes shipping, taxes, duties...the whole ball of wax. You don't see pricing tiers to Canada because there aren't quantity discounts. Sorry.

You can't currently order via our website and have it sent to Canada. Instead, contact us and tell us what you want. We'll create an order and contact you to get payment information.

Super simple! Tell us what you want and then just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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