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Terry Bar Towels 16x19 - Prewashed - 36 Cases at
Samples Available
Samples Available

Let's Talk Shrinkage

Size shown is after laundering. All sizes are approximate as shrinkage is rarely uniform (right guys?).

Cotton shrinks. It's a fact of life.

Shrinkage varies. It depends on your laundering equipment and methods. The higher the heat in the wash/dry process, the more severe the shrinkage.

Just like teenagers, cotton shrinkage can't be uniformly controlled. After laundering, you might find it shrinks more on one side than another. We call that character.

The good news? They better with age, like me. New products are stiffer and less absorbent than the same product after having been laundered many times. Some of the shrinkage might go away too. Bonus!

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Terry Bar Towels 16x19 - Prewashed - 36 Cases

Sold By: Pallet

Item: SKID45BMT-36
5400 Towel Pallets
Price: $5,012.95
FREE Ground Shipping (lower 48)
Best Rags Sale: $5,012.95
Bulk Rags: $5,012.95
  • Size: 16"x 19"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Prewashed Route Ready
  • Full TerryHemmed on All Sides
  • Weight: About 32oz per dozen
  • 150 Rags per Case
  • Total Case Weight: 27lbs (21x17x14)
  • 36 Cases per Pallet: (52x42x89)
  • 5,400 Rags Total
  • Also available by the Case

There are times when a little ribbing goes a long way. But sometimes a little non-ribbed action is what you want.

Unlike our Ribbed Terry Bar Mop Towels, these non-ribbed Terry bar towels are for those of you who like a smooth operator. Top quality all the way. Oh, and shrinkage has already happened (hey, we washed and dried them, not what you were thinking).

Prewashed, they're the best quality bar mop towel available and they'll keep any area looking almost as slick as you!

No residential deliveries. You'll need a way to get a 800+ lb. pallet off a truck/semi that doesn't have a lift gate.

Have you weighed the bags of rags you've received from other rag companies? We've heard from new RagLady customers that bagged rags from other companies don't always weigh what they should. Feel free to weigh our bags! We guarantee they'll be the right weight, at a minimum.

Box vs Bags
Buying rags by the pallet saves money and space. We compress the rags in a bag so they take less space than they do in a box. Also you aren't paying for boxes which means you get more rags for less money. This really is a no brainer!!

I almost forgot to mention, we use anti-slip bags so they stay in place on a pallet, no sliding off. We think of everything! Well almost everything...if only I would have remembered to put on deodorant this morning my coworkers would be a lot happier.

More Crap You Should Know

New first quality 100% cotton terry bar towels. Prewashed for immediate use. Popular and economical cleaning towels. The best quality bar mop/rag available. 10-20% shrinkage has already occurred during the washing process.

Product #59BMT are the same towels but NOT prewashed and are less expensive. If you are the picky type and want something a little better than a rag, consider product #45ST, a really nice upgrade.


  • Janitorial
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Retail Kits
  • Casinos

Made in Pakistan

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