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Premium Lint Free Wipes Blue 12x13 #95011 at
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Samples Available
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Premium Lint Free Wipes Blue 12x13 #95011

Sold By: Case of 500

Item: WLF1213B
500 Wipe Cases
1 – 3$110.95
4 – 7$101.95
8 +$91.95

Best Rags Sale: $110.95
Bulk Rags: $110.95
  • 55% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) / 45% Polyester
  • Spunlace - not cloth
  • Size: 12" x 13"
  • Packed 50 Wipes in a Poly Bag
  • 10 Poly Bags per Case
  • 500 Wipes/Case
  • Total Case Weight: 10 lbs (13x18x7.5)
  • Full Master Case Qty: 4 Cases
  • 70 Cases per Pallet (48x40x77)
  • Made in the USA!
  • Buy a Skid and Save

The blue dye is resistant to most solvents but it does have the potential to bleed. Instead, consider our Premium White Wipes.

Spunlace is a disposable, non-woven, not cloth, material. Soft, strong, solvent resistant and 99.9% lint free. Preferred by operators manufacturing environments in the electronics -semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, aerospace and food service. Also used by technicians who service copy machines, telephone systems and other office equipment. This product is NOT cleanroom certified. Great for grease, oil, water and surface preparation prior to painting and other applications. Crepe/embossed for cloth-like feel and this process also increases the absorbency rate.

Virtually lint-free and contaminant-free, helping to keep work processes free from impurities. Designed to be solvent resistant, provide wipe-dry performance and have cloth-like strength when used wet or dry.

Customer quote: “Good news....the rags passed multiple dips in IPA and intensive rubbing against metal while being wet with no issues (no staining from the blue wipes, no tears or material degradation from being exposed to IPA and adhesive material for extended time), they're sturdier than they look like.”

NOT intended for critical tasks or cleanrooms. 100% Polyester Cleanroom Wipers are recommended for critical tasks.

This item cannot be returned. Please request a sample if you aren't 100% positive this is the right product for your needs.

Available by the pallet if you want more at a discount.

More Crap You Should Know

  • Comparable to Kimberly Clark Item 41200
  • Virtually Lint Free
  • Super Strong Rag
  • Wipes Dry
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Extremely Durable
  • No Shredding
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Contaminant Free
  • Disposable
  • Case Weight 10 lbs.

Made in United States

We Ship to Canada

Yes we ship to Canada. The Canada price you see includes shipping, taxes, duties...the whole ball of wax. You don't see pricing tiers to Canada because there aren't quantity discounts. Sorry.

You can't currently order via our website and have it sent to Canada. Instead, contact us and tell us what you want. We'll create an order and contact you to get payment information.

Super simple! Tell us what you want and then just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

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