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It's going to be a bumpy rag ride but, this too shall pass

My mom used to tell me, "Solutions matter, not problems".

We have all the rags and towels you need

Here at RagLady, we've taken that to heart over the past year. Expecting things to get a little crazy, we jammed our warehouse with rags of all types, until the warehouse was bulging at the seams. We wanted to make sure we could handle our customers' needs well into 2021. Thankfully it worked out really well. You kept ordering and we kept shipping rags. I don't think anybody went without the rag they wanted or needed.

As we continue restocking our warehouse, we're beginning to see some shortages and price increases from material suppliers. We buy material and rags from all over the world. Some countries weren't affected much last year but are getting hammered now. Until their situation improves, I don't see the rag supply getting much better. 

And to keep piling on, we have seen shipping costs skyrocket. It didn't help when a certain ship captain decided to beach his ship in one of the busiest canals in the world (I love to fish and have gotten good at piloting a boat. I called the canal folks to offer my help but they didn't seem to think I would be the best candidate).

Bottom line, there are a lot of problems and we are focused on the solutions! 

Prices will rise and fall during 2021. It's just that kind of market right now. Know that if we do increase prices on something, we've done our damndest to come up with the lowest pricing we can. You may still wince but talk to us. Maybe we can point you to something lower in price, just to get you by until the situation improves with the rag you like best. If we run out of a particular rag, we'll make sure we have another that will work in its place. You won't go without. We will weather this storm together. As my mom also said, "This too shall pass".

We really appreciate that you look to RagLady for your rag needs. 

Go ahead. Get dirty. We like it.