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About Us

We are not from here.

When people say rags from the RagLady are “out of this world”, they don’t know how right they are. On the distant planet RagLandia, rags are a precious item, much like diamonds to us. The RagLandians spend a large part of their lives examining, testing, and trading the finest rags as a source of pride and status. The most skillful was called the RagLady.

The RagLady brought her knowledge to earth in 1984 when “The Chesapeake Bay Area Superior Wiper and Glorious Rag Supply Business Like Thing For Earthians” started bringing rags to local customers (choosing business names isn't a RagLandian skill). The original name was later shortened to “RagLady, Inc.” and the legend of the RagLady began.

The RagLady gathered together woodland creatures to help with her rapidly growing business. Soon they were shipping the best rags and wipers all over the United States. The RagLady and her Animals had shown earthians the value of the finest rags and they were happy and excited. Finally wiping and cleaning done right!

Thanks to the RagLady, the earth is a much cleaner place. Well, bathrooms, businesses, and windows are much cleaner but hey, we’ve got to start somewhere. Thanks for shopping at!

We have all the rags and towels you need

As you may have guessed RagLady, Inc. is a manufacturer of wiping cloths/rags and supplier of industrial cleaning products, rocking the rag world since 1984. Specializing in choosing the perfect products for your applications and then stocking those perfect products for quick delivery. When you need them, we have them.

Rest assured RagLady products will satisfy your needs and desires, including getting the best bang for your buck. We want long term business relationships with our customers and will work hard to meet all your expectations.

We have an excellent selection of in-stock wiping cloths/rags, towels, lint-free items, microfiber products and cheesecloth. When we manufacture and purchase products we take into consideration quality, consistency, value and most of all — we listen to our customers! 

When in doubt - CALL. Personal contact is an easy way to make sure you are getting the best product available for your needs. You can call us toll free at 866-724-7787 or email with any questions you may have. Your satisfaction with our service and products is 100% guaranteed.

We thank earthians for your support!