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RagLady Brand Microfiber

RagLady Brand Microfiber towels offer excellent performance for hundreds of washings. RagLady Brand towels are made using grade AA yarns and imported dyes.

Unlike most other microfiber towels, RagLady Brand towels do not need additives to improve absorption. So much of the microfiber made today is made poorly and requires factories to use additives or other processes to improve short-term performance. The combination of dirty machinery, poor quality yarns, dyes, and a variety of other factors can result in products that only work well for a short time. If a microfiber towel improves significantly after a towel has been washed several times, it is an indicator the factory machines are dirty, which traps excess lint and oil.

Every aspect of our production is monitored and inspected ensuring the most consistent products, time after time.

Did you know?

Black microfiber towels are difficult to manufacture because they require a special dying process and polyamide (nylon) does not hold color well. As a result, most black microfiber towels are 100% polyester and not a combination of polyester and polyamide (which makes for the best microfiber towels). Most factories label these towels incorrectly because they know the average buyer will never know the true composition. The reality is that almost 100% label these towels as 80/20 or 70/30 knowing full well it isn't.

Black microfiber towels that do not bleed color and are absorbent have undoubtedly been treated with an additive. By their very nature, black microfiber towels will be far less absorbent than other microfiber towels.

As a rule, lighter color towels are usually more absorbent because they are easier to dye. However, due to the nuances in manufacturing, performance can vary widely. Two factories may start with the same raw materials but if one of the factories has better machinery and technology, they will produce a superior product. When it comes to making a quality microfiber towel, there are no shortcuts. At RagLady, we know experience, technology, and quality materials are essential to creating the best microfiber cloths.

For the best microfiber cloths, rely on RagLady Brand Microfiber!