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Shop Towels Heavy Weight 14x14 (Prewashed) at
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Let's Talk Shrinkage

Size shown is after laundering. All sizes are approximate as shrinkage is rarely uniform (right guys?).

Cotton shrinks. It's a fact of life. 

Shrinkage varies. It depends on your laundering equipment and methods. The higher the heat in the wash/dry process, the more severe the shrinkage.

Just like teenagers, cotton shrinkage can't be uniformly controlled. After laundering, you might find it shrinks more on one side than another. We call that character.

The good news? They get bigger and better with age. New products are stiffer and less absorbent than the same product after having been laundered many times. Some of the shrinkage might go away too. Bonus!

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Shop Towels Heavy Weight 14x14 (Prewashed)

Sold By: Case of 500

Item: W1818
500 Rag Cases
1 – 7$165.00
8 – 19$155.00
20 +$145.00

Best Rags Sale: $165.00
Bulk Rags: $165.00
  • Prewashed Route Ready 14"x14"
  • Size: 18" x 18"  (Before Washing)
  • Overlocked / Selvage Edges
  • 500 Towels / Case - 10 Bundles of 50 Shop Towels
  • Case Weight: 37 lbs
  • 100% Cotton
  • Stocked Colors: Red, White & Blue

RagLady Shop Towels are perfect for cleaning up the filthy, dirty, greasy, grimy, sexy grease monkey. These super absorbent heavy weight cotton shop towels can be used and abused like a new shop apprentice.

They are prewashed for use right out of the box. Keep your shop and yourself clean and sparkling with these towels. You never know when the RagLady might stop by your shop to have her headlights adjusted (get your mind out of the gutter!).

More Crap You Should Know

Extremely popular, economical and absorbent heavy weight cotton shop towels. The rag mechanics prefer. Prewashed to be absorbent for immediate use right out of the box. We think these cotton shop towels are the best quality shop towels available.

Three fun colors In-Stock!  (Red, White & Blue) Excellent and affordable backdrops for your company logo for promotional give-a-ways and as rally towels too!

Order your own Special Dyed Colors - Minimum PER Color 2,500 each. 2 week lead-time for special dye orders.

NOTE:  As in ALL dyeing processes, variations in color may occur.

  • Detailing
  • Mechanics
  • Printers
  • Retail Kits
  • Screen Printing

Made in Pakistan

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